Steve has an incredible amount of knowledge about networks and internet security. He gave me some very helpful tips about how to keep my website safe. He explained technical issues in a way that made it easy for me to understand. From working with him, it's clear that helping business owners, by providing great customer service, is very important to him.

Angela Cochran Reach Strategic
Vancouver, WA

Steve was a pleasure to work with. Steve is professional, and a calming voice when you are nervous about possible issues. I am not a computer person at all and I was noticing my computer was running slower and slower. Steve was Highly recommended so I set up a call. He took the time and went through my system corrected many items. Everything is running fantastic. I would not hesitate to call him if you need help!!

Kelly Narozny Hartland Payment Systems
Battle Ground, WA

Goes Above and Beyond

We had a client with a recurring Outlook problem that we just couldn't resolve.  We would try something that fixed it for a while.  At other times the issue would mysteriously go away on its own.

When the problem returned, I reached out to Steve to see if he could fix it, even though he is a competitor.  Sure enough, Steve was able to resolve the issue in a matter of minutes, but he went a step farther.  He made sure my client knew how to fix the problem himself the next time it happened.

Jim Watts President
Lloyd Hayne & Associates

Personable, Professional, and Knowledgeable

I took my computer to Steve after weeks of having it shut down with threatening virus and scam alerts. It was working at a snails pace. Not being computer savvy and didn't know what to do or where to take it.  I was given his name and number, and I am glad I decided to call.  Steve was able to fix the problems, clean it up and update my computer.  Now it is so fast.

He was able to create shortcuts to make it easier for me to use and understand.

My computer has been safeguarded and is so fast, it’s a pleasure using again.

I highly recommend Steve for all your computer needs and would not hesitate to call him again.

Steve is very personable, professional, and knowledgeable.  He is also very patient with my questions and limited skills.  He is able to get me up and running very quickly.

William Stevens Owner
William Stevens Construction

Excellent IT Support team with excellent IT service. 

Even though 'I Do IT' is a competitor, I have often called Steve for his professional advice.

Benjamin Ranieri Queen Consulting & Technologies

They Know Their Stuff

They know their stuff and it was a great experience working with I Do I.T. It is a dangerous digital world out there and you need all the cyber security you can get!

Matt Rouse Managing Partner & SEO Lead
Hook SEO

Steven is amazing!

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for IT assistance.

Vyvyan Doan Web Designer
Dream Escape Design


I met Steve recently and have been impressed with his professionalism. He really knows his business and provides great value for his customers.

Becky Tengwall Business Network Referral Advocate
I Take the Lead

Experienced IT Professional

Steve is an experience IT professional who can help businesses of any size with their specific needs. Highly recommended.

Jeff Mays Managing Partner
The Mays Agency